2016 is a bit quiet on the English front. There will be more soon, stay tuned....

A new article over at the Europa SF site in which Cristian Tamas asks several Dutch authors thought provoking questions on the state of Dutch genre writing.

Quarterreads is a new online short story initiative. I've placed several of my short stories online there. Once you join, you're given a stack of quarters. When you're through reading, you can acquire more, obviously. Authors get most of the revenue and hey, you can tip an author too if you really liked a story.quarterreads

One of my stories called 'Right on track' that I did for JWKfiction's Terror Train Anthology has been turned into a podcast.
If you like a bit of psychological horror set in the depressing thirties of the American Midwest, you can find it here

Recently I read some of my work at the Torpedo Theatre in Amsterdam. The reading was filmed and the result is on Youtube.

February 15th, The Failing God is now live on Amazon, both in print and as a kindle version. In addition, it has also been launched through JWKfiction's Smashwords presence.the failing god

January 9th 2014, The Failing God is nearing completion. The translation of the map accompanying the book is finished and is now at the publisher. One final polish round and off to the printer we go.

September 30th, my first English language anthology has just gone to print. Ophelia In My Arms contains a selection of my short stories, some old, most recent, some never before published, some prize winners (also the prestigious Fantastels 2012 contest winner, The Copper Oasis) and many more. A collection that I hope will resonate with my readers, fans and followers.Ophelia in my arms Available in print on Amazon.

I am now listed in AuthordDB

September 15th 2013 I signed up with JWKfiction for publication of The Failing God and subsequent novels in the Cranborn series. We also came to an agreement on publication of several anthologies of my work in the coming years.

HWAIn September 2013 I became a member of the Horror Writers Association. Now on to the next, the SFWA, although that will be somewat more difficult to achieve....

An interview with James Ward Kirk at

An interview of me with Dale Eldon

My first book, 'The Failing God', is currently being translated. Time to setup the cover. It will probably look something like this:

The Failing God

'In Shadows of Times Past' is now finished. At 140.000 words a pretty hefty novel. Below a quick look at what the cover will look like once it's printed.


The sequel to 'The Failing God' is approaching the end. I've reached 120.000 words (early September) and I need to write only three more chapters, so it should be finished soon.

So far I have produced 85000 words in the sequel to 'The Failing God', however, the past few weeks have been very busy at work, so I could not focus too well on writing the book. And I needed a break from writing fantasy, that too. I did however produce two short stories, the first a Dystopian Scifi story called '8-8-6', the second a Cthulhu Mythos story set in Wales at the end of the 19th century. Especially the second story required a lot of research to get perfect. A total of well over 18000 words.

Good news on the cover for the second novel. You can see the preview over at Deviantart. Not quite the final version yet, but Tais Teng, the publisher and myself liked it in this version.

The Dutch title is 'In Schaduwen van Weleer', which may or may not translate into 'In Shadows of Times Past', but I'll leave that up to the translator.

Early December 2011, I released my debut novel in Dutch as both ebook and print book. The title is "The Failing God"  or "De Falende God" in Dutch.

In addition I placed one of the stories that the books is based on in translated form as a free download on Smashwords for distribution. Now the big work of translating 111k words to English starts. The real title of the story was "The Last Dragon", but a little googling found that there were at least a dozen similar titles. Same for "The Laughing Dragon".... However, "Inn The Laughing Dragon" was still available. So the story can be found at Smashwords and soon in the various e-book shops at the major e-tailers. (I received the first -positive-review within hours after publication, which was quite nice.)

Back in 1991 a friend of mine, Max Hirschfeld, alerted me to a Dutch SF&F short story competition called the King Kong Award 1991 which was open for submission. We both decided to enter a story and I managed to win the prize for best newcomer, which was great. The year after I wrote a story together with Paul Harland called "Retrometheus" which went on to win first prize.

Needless to say I was hooked on writing, however, publishing opportunities were scarce back then. There were a few amateur magazines and one or two pro-publishers, but nothing to really hone your skills. Together with another friend, Roelof Goudriaan, I started the publishing house Babel Publications in 1993, which published books and story anthologies of promising Dutch authors. In ten years time we managed to publish over 30 books for the Dutch SciFi/Fantasy market. And of course there were stories in there by me. Being active in the Dutch market also meant being part of jury panels for the King Kong Award, which had by then been transformed into the Millennium Prize due to the upcoming Millennium.

Then, as so often happens, life happened and both my personal and professional life became very interesting and challenging. Which left little time to do the writing I wanted to do. So after a hiatus of almost ten years (yes, I am an old man) the muze returned and I found that I needed to write and somehow I manage to find the time to do a lot of that. It's a new journey, one on which I am attempting to channel all my creativity into my writing, to create wonderful pieces of fiction for everyone to read.

This site is my attempt to document that journey, to find how far I can get and what it all means. I hope it will be worthwile.

Mike Jansen